Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Lookout world, here we come!

Today was the first day of Jon's paternity leave for a week. We thought we'd get away and get back up to Tahoe to enjoy some of the aftermath from the recent storms. But, we also have been putting off a number of errands - so we used today to get some stuff done and will head on up to the mountains tomorrow.

One of the errands was applying for Logan's passport since it takes awhile and we're considering a family vacation over the summer. Since both parents need to go together in person (not required, but a whole lot easier), it made sense to do it today. Of course, it felt like an all-day ordeal. There was a long wait at the passport office - and their photo machine was broken - so we took a number and walked down to the local Walgreens to get Logan's picture taken in the meantime. Everyone else did the same, so there was a bit of a wait at Walgreens too. Logan behaved wonderfully for the camera even though the guy didn't get a very good shot. I know we could have taken much better pics ourselves, but I didn't think of it ahead of time. So, his passport photos are a little funny looking. Ah well.

Logan holding onto his ticket waiting for his photos to develop and later chilling under the shade of his car seat (taken with my iPhone)

Back at the passport office, we sat filling out the app and of course I forgot to bring Logan's social security card/number. Luckily, the office is literally around the corner from our house. Jon was able to get back to the house, find the card, and get back to the passport office in the time it took the gal behind the counter to take care of *one* application. Nice. ;-) At any rate, we finally got everything submitted, paid the exorbitant fees and got outta there after a couple of hours. I can't wait to see Logan's passport with a height of 1'11" on it. heheehehehehe Pretty silly that they require babies to have passports now.

Logan was really well behaved for most of the day today which was really great. His eczema seems to be doing MUCH better. Each day I'm seeing an improvement from the day before which is a huge relief. This morning, the rash on his back is all but gone! I've been lathering him with lotion more frequently (about every 2 hrs) since our dr's visit on Monday, and of course we've given him a couple treatments of the steroid cream. Whatever it is, it seems to be working!! :)

We also visited a couple stores to check out living room furniture and I think we have finally made a decision. Now we just gotta plunk down the moolah and wait a couple months before it arrives. *groan* I will be soooo happy to have some real couches soon so we can finally entertain! :)


Jennifer said...

You look great Bree and your little man is sooo adorbale!!

Cat Shipman said...

really cute pics!!!