Monday, February 4, 2008

Poopy Post Office

Logan and I decided to walk to the post office today to mail out baby announcements. It was pretty chilly and windy out, but we needed the exercise. Unfortunately, Logan wasn't fond of the cold. The post office is only about a mile from our house -- but we took the scenic route (READ: a detour to try and get Logan to calm down and fall asleep) and ended up staying out for 2 hours!

While at the post office, I was trying to figure out how I was going to get him to calm down long enough for me to wait in line, pay my fees, mail our stuff and get the hell out of there before he erupted again -- when little Logan decided to be a real stinker. Literally. He had a massive poop right before I was about to get in line.

Decision time..... let him sit in his stinky poop for 15 min while we wait in line (likely causing him to cry even more) or, spread him out on one of those mailing/stamp counters (hey! whaddya know. they're at the perfect changing table height) and clean him up? I opted to clean him up because it was pretty bad.

So -- be forewarned. The next time you're at the post office mailing a Christmas package and setting everything out on those nice tall changing-table-height counters -- just think what might have been on there minutes beforehand! ;-)

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Charlie said...

hey...I was gonna link you on my blog, but I wasn't sure if you wanted to be blogging under the radar (?)

Lemme know!