Saturday, February 16, 2008

Date Night

Last night my parents babysat for us and had a nice time playing with little Logan while Jon and I went out on our first date since Logan was born. We had a great time! We didn't do anything too spectacular - had a nice dinner at Mantra in Palo Alto and then massages at Watercourse Way (much needed).

What was particularly amusing was what happened on the ride home -- after first swinging by Starbucks for some java, we took off to what I thought would be my parents house to pick up Logan. Jon, on the other hand, had completely forgotten about his son, and started heading in the direction of our home. It wasn't until I reminded him about our little critter that he circled back to my parent's house. Was he just on auto pilot or really that relaxed and mellow from his massage? Or perhaps we still are in a bit of denial about being parents? Whatever the case, we had a pretty good laugh. At least he didn't drive off with the baby on the hood of the car. hehehe

Yesterday was another big day. Most notably, Logan's new cousin Luke was born!! We are super excited for the family and can't wait to meet the little guy and see how Jon's brother Curtis, and his wife Renee, are coping as new parents :) Congrats guys!!

Because the weather has been super gorgeous, Kim dropped by with her 4 month old daughter Molly and we four took a stroll around the neighborhood. It was great to get outside and get some sunshine!

We also toured two more child care centers - and found ourselves in love with the center that our friends Julie and Jeff recommended (they focus on the child's development and daily learning which we both love, but also encourage the kids to have FUN, which made the environment a lot more comfortable and easier for me to accept). Of course, it's the most expensive one we've seen so far (and let me tell you, child care is NOT cheap!) but we think it'll be worth the cost. We're going to try and enroll Logan next week (we have to wait for their open enrollment period) and see if we can get accepted into the school. There are a couple gotchas - the main being timing - they don't have an opening for us until September when the new school year begins. :( Which means, we'll still need to find someone to care for Logan for the 4 months in between.


Any takers? ;-)

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