Monday, February 25, 2008

8 is the natural number following 7 and preceding 9

Early this morning, I woke up sopping wet down the front of my PJs and comforter, boobs rock hard and hurting like hell. Just Great. Who knows how much precious white gold has been lost. Logan was starting to wake up but wasn't crying or upset yet. I peered over at the clock: 4am. I had gone to bed at 10pm. 6 hours -- hey, that's Great! Even better, I had put Logan down a little before 8pm -- quick math at 4am says he slept a whopping 8 hours. REALLY GREAT!

Logan seems to be sleeping longer at night the last few days and I'm praying that it's not just a fluke, but a forming habit. Thurs night he slept 5.5 hrs and then 4 hrs right after that -- it was a good night for me -- and the longest Logan had slept yet. Then Friday night came, and he slept 6.5 hrs for one stint - amazing! And then there's last night. A full 8 hours. I felt like I was dreaming. I double checked the clock, and my math, several times to be sure.

He's still, however, adjusting during the day. Because he's now sleeping longer at night, he's wide awake during the day -- which would be nice if he weren't so dang fussy and would just learn how to be a happy baby when he is awake. But, usually he'll only stay smiley and happy for about 45 minutes at the most, before he realizes.....wait a minute, I'm not giving my parents a hellish time...... and then frowns, followed by a lot of screaming. He's also had a lot of trouble falling back to sleep after a long stint these last few nights which is tough to deal with when it's still dark out for me.

I'm convinced he's cranky partly because he isn't napping during the day as much as he should (probably due to the longer night sleeps and also his refusal to fall asleep even when super tired), so I'm really trying hard to put him down for at least a couple long (3 hr) naps during the day. But, sometimes Logan just doesn't want to sleep and as konked out as he may appear, the minute I think it's safe and wrap him up and put him down, he senses he's no longer snuggled up on mom's chest (his favorite spot) and wakes up crying.


So, 8 hrs last night was awesome and definitely blog worthy, but hanging out with a wide awake baby who wants to just talk talk talk at 4am in the morning and isn't sure how to go back to sleep, is not so awesome. ;-) And, once the talking got old, then he got cranky (and tired) and cried until I finally got him back to sleep about 5:30am or so. Fun times.

Still, can't complain too much -- he's definitely getting better and better! Which is a relief to me since it makes me feel like he may actually sleep through the night by the time I have to return to work.

Good God, let's hope so.

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Kim said...

that's the trade off... longer stretches at night = way more awake during the day... now that he has the brace off he can be more active and hopefully that will tucker him out even more!