Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Locked Out

Wednesday is trash day -- so when I got home tonight after a fun Mommy/Baby get together at Kim's house, I decided I better take the trash out to the curb....esp. since Jon would probably be getting home too late to do it himself (being at NANOG all day). Logan was also fast asleep and didn't seem to be waking up any time soon which was my window of opportunity.

I ran around the house getting all the trash together and took it all out to the curb, only to come back to the side door I was using and discover that it has a lock on the knob *in addition to* the deadbolt. And silly me, the door slammed shut behind me on my last run.

So, there I am, 10pm at night standing outside in the pouring rain looking through the window at my sleeping baby (thank GOD he was sound asleep). Just as I was contemplating whether to break in or find a neighbor to call Jon (not only were my keys in the house, but so was my cell phone), our friendly neighbor Susan across the street was putting out her garbage. I ran over and asked if I could use her phone. Her first question was "Where's Logan?" Still inside! I replied.... she immediately rushed me into her house saying, jeez you seem awfully calm with your baby locked in the house. *shrug* eh - what could I do? (I would probably have panicked more had he been screaming instead of sleeping)

So, I called Jon -- luckily the convention was downtown and he was only a few minutes away -- Will drove him over to let me back in the house, just in time for Logan to wake up and ready to feed again! *whew* :)

And the adventures continue.....


Curtis Shipman said...

Oh Jeese...I have a feeling I am going to have alot of these days...Luke has been alive andkicking for five days and...I have been peed on, pooped on, spit on, and generally having fun!

Cat Shipman said...

Thats hysterical. and I am sure Curtis has been pooped on before. I mean he IS a Shipman. Logan is TOO adorable. Perfect in every way.