Thursday, February 7, 2008

Gung Hei Fat Choi

It is now the Year of the Rat and our little golden pig wishes you all a Happy New Year. Gung Héi Fát Chōi or Gōng Xǐ Fā Cái! :)

Yesterday we had a big day!

We saw a movie at the theatres with Kim and Molly (Juno - highly recommend). It was really great -- twice a month the theatre hosts a "Diaper Day" movie for moms and babies to come and see. They keep the lights on low for you to see and parents can watch a movie with their babies. Since everyone has babies, it doesn't seem to be a big deal if one is crying or fussing. Most of the moms are usually nursing throughout the movie or walking the baby up and down the side aisles to calm them down while catching the flick. Kim and I really enjoyed it and will definitely be doing it again! :)

Once we got home, Logan got a bath -- then napped with Mommy in the afternoon. When Daddy got home we took off to the mall and then swung by Logan's grandparents house (Zafu and Zabuton) to say hi! :)

Here's another video of Logan -- spending some time with Zabuton (the formatting's off a bit but I'll fix that later):

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