Saturday, March 29, 2008

The Texans Visit

Nolan and Doy (Jon's dad and step-mom) came to visit Logan these past couple of days. We had a really great time! :) Logan's been a star - on his best behavior for his Texan grandparents. We just saw them off this morning, on their way to see Logan's cousin Luke down in LA next. We also saw my grandparents Nana and Clock off this morning -- my parents are escorting them back to New Mexico, via train! It should be a fun, but an exhausting trip, I am sure.

I was able to capture a number of different pics during Nolan and Doy's visit. Click on the picture to the left for more!

I should note that we had an unusually bad night last night. :( Logan seemed to be really restless all night long. He wasn't wearing his brace (Daddy forgot to put it on when he put him down for the night) and I wonder if that made a difference - because he was kicking and squirming a TON! So much that, every few hours, he made his way to the other side of the crib (even while swaddled). I had to keep dragging him back to the center of the crib so he wouldn't smash his head against the siding, but it didn't seem to help. He woke up a few different times throughout the night, his head up against the side of the crib and his arms/legs cold as ice because he had kicked off all of his blankets and wrestled his arms and hands free of the swaddle. So, I was up several times feeding, comforting and trying to get him back down. It was exhausting! How quickly our minds and bodies seem to forget those sleepless nights we had to deal with just months and weeks ago!! ;-)

I almost forgot! I also took some random pics of Logan playing with his musical worm toy, courtesy of our good family friends Stu and Robin. And, some pics of Logan hanging out on the bathroom floor, where Daddy set him down while he finished his business. *sigh*

It was actually pretty damn cute (yeah, he's totally NOT shy) so I went photo crazy..... see for yourself!

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heather said...

those pictures are so adorable, he has got a killer smile... ladies beware! :)