Wednesday, March 19, 2008

An Active Baby

This morning Jon and I woke up before Logan did and had to double check the clocks a couple of times to make sure. We still disagree on the number of hours Logan slept - but let's just say Mommy got at least 8 hrs of sleep -- so it was a great night. ;-)

Logan and I visited with my old NetApp colleagues (Judy, Christine and Tom) for lunch today and had a wonderful time. As usual, Logan was super well behaved and no one ever believes that this cute little kiddo could *ever* be pissy like Mommy swears. Oh well. ;-)

After lunch, we headed over to Dr. Safir's office for our fighter's weigh in. And, we have good news to report! In just two weeks, Logan has gained over a pound!! (for you folks that don't yet have kids, this is A LOT). He's now weighing in at 12lbs, 14oz (50%). Yay! :) His head measures at 41cm. His length is a little confusing however -- two weeks ago he measured at 24 3/4 inches long. Today, they measured him at 24 1/2 (75%). Clearly, one of the nurses made a mistake. :-P But, they always have a hard time with his length because his legs don't straighten out naturally like most other babies, so who the heck knows.

Whatever the case, Dr. Safir isn't too worried. He believes a couple visits ago, there was probably an error when we weighed him. He also said it's clear Logan is an active baby -- he's more muscular than most babies, with very little fat, and thinks he's probably just going to always be a little tall and thin, blessed with a high metabolism. I'm not surprised with all the squirming and wiggling and fidgeting this little guy does. You'd think he's related to Jon or something (that's right, Mr. A.D.D. who shakes his legs so much it feels like there's an earthquake happening right next to you). Dr. Safir also commented on how advanced Logan is neurologically, seeming to be very aware of his surroundings and gaining quite a personality. I'll take credit for those, thank you very much. ;-)

So - false alarm! We're glad it's all good news and the doctor is no longer worried. Honestly, I think his weight just had to catch up to his crazy growth spurt (he grew over 2 inches in 1 month!) and we just happened to weigh him in the middle of it all. But, what do I know. *shrug*

This evening Jon and I went out to dinner with a bunch of our friends (Kim, N, Jenn, Jarrod, Julie, Jeff) at Azumas - sans kids - to celebrate my birthday (Azumas is special to us since they catered our wedding a couple years ago.) As always, we had a roaring good time with excellent eats and the night ended too soon. Jon, Kim, Nathan and I took advantage of the sitters and went to catch a movie afterwards (The Bank Job).

Three words: Jason Statham rocks.

Well, right after Sean Connery and Jet Li of course.


Cat Shipman said...

Happy Birthday Bree!!!!

Jennifer said...

That is awesome about Logan's weight! YEAH!!

Kim said...

So happy to hear the weight issue was just a false alarm.