Saturday, March 8, 2008

A Movie Star is Born

Here's a collection of recent videos of our little movie star. :) The first one is one that I took in Tahoe about a week ago. Not a great video -- he was totally interested in the camera and forgot he was chatting, but he was kicking quite a bit so you can see how active he likes to be when hanging out with mom.

Since my video captures up in Tahoe weren't that successful -- I tried again early this morning . Logan's been in a better mood these days (particularly in the morning when he wakes up -- amazingly, he's not crying or screaming but instead just wide awake and looking around!!) so I thought I might have more luck.

At any rate, here they are. The first one is of him sitting up in his boppy in the co-sleeper just chatting out to no one while I was up doing laundry, feeding the dogs, etc. He finally got a little tired, as you can see, and started to cry and then yawn at the end. hehehe

The second one is a little longer -- I had him lying in the boppy in front of me on the bed and he was fairly chatty, but not as much as usual. The minute I bring the camera out he seems to be more interested in the black box staring in front of him than at me -- I made some feeble attempts, as you can see, to try and get him more interested in talking to me again. ;-)

And finally, here's a quick blip of Lola "breaking in" Logan's new rug! The rug just came in yesterday so I set it up in Logan's room last night. For whatever reason, Lola loves rubbing herself all over it the minute it's laid out (she did the same thing to our new rug in the living room). I suppose the newness smells good or maybe she's marking it somehow. Not sure, but it's entertaining. :) You can hear Logan coo'ing in the background, watching as Lola gets her freak on....

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