Wednesday, August 24, 2011

16 months old

I should probably start titling these posts "XX months old + XX weeks" right?

This last month has been a blur. In fact, this entire summer has been a blur. I use the weekends to catch my breath and spend as much quality time with Jon and the boys that I can, but even that is gone in a blink. Speaking of a blink, my boys are growing like weeds right in front of my very own eyes!

So, Callum. Sixteen friggin' months old!

Callum has always been willful - since day one. But I do think the power struggles with him has increased tremendously this last month. Changing diapers, getting into the car seat, feeding himself - OHHHHhhhh, the FEEDING. HIM. ALL. BY. HIMSELF. It's a constant struggle, argument, negotiation, battle of the wills. And sometimes stern unblinking stares.

It's also exhausting.  Ummm duh, we have a toddler.

Callum is becoming more and more curious, deeply involved in the world around him. He is very observant - he'll watch you do something, like unscrew the cap to a water bottle, and then he wants to do it himself (nevermind that the bottle is full of water and he could dump it on your lap), just LET ME DO IT MOM!

Like I was saying. Willful.

I've noticed he's also able to sit for longer periods of time. Which has become handy, since I'm running around the house like a maniac feeding the barking dogs and the whining cats and wiping poop off my other boy who is singing from the end of the hallway "Moooooooommmmmmm, come wipe my buuuuuuutttttttt" Thankfully, I've got our trusty ol' Mr. Babysitter AKA Mr. Vizio LCD TV (what! don't tell me you don't let your kids watch TV sometimes!) which keeps Callum still for a few minutes longer than it used to. YAY FOR TV!

Though Callum is content to hang out in his chair and bounce to the singing of Word World, he'll only do that for so long. Because, the kid is also active. He LOVES his time outside. I mean L-O-V-E-S it. He can't get enough of it. The minute the door is open he RACES out of the house (and straight for the street - ugh). Lately, he's discovered the doggy door is a very easy way out of the house, to the glorious outdoors. He's becoming an expert escape artist, that kid.

He's also just learned how to JUMP! It's super cute and funny and so very adorable. He started by using the handle on the oven or the freezer (ours is a lower freezer), and using that as a balance bar, he'll stand and practice his jumping over and over again. He'll jump EXTREMELY high and then laugh with glee. He has starting letting go more and more, trying to jump on his own without the added support. His jumping is then only about an inch off the ground, but when he does it, he beams up at me SO VERY PROUD.

Yes, we are very proud of you, baby boy!

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