Friday, January 3, 2014

Logan's Birthday Party

I've put this off way too long, but I did want to blog about it!  I was really proud and happy with how all the various decorations and touches that I put on Logan's birthday party, turned out!  :)  So, this will mostly be a photo post, to capture the party itself!

Logan had a fantastic time, but who wouldn't?!?  He was the center of attention of 12 boys and girls (plus a baby) for a few hours that day.

It was a bit overwhelming (for me) at times.  Still, I couldn't help wondering if these parties will be easier to throw once we get to that stage where parents just drop off the kids and they stay for a sleepover on their own or whatever.  Because, in addition to setting up and making sure everyone was busy with games or whatever, I also spent most of my time meeting new parents (of his new school friends) and catching up with old friends.  It was nice but also exhausting,  and I felt bad that I didn't spend enough quality time with anyone in particular because I was fulfilling my hostess duties, flitting here and there.

But, I'm REALLY glad we did it!  We have a few new parents we now know and we've already gotten together with one of Logan's school friends over the break, which was a nice change of pace for me and him, I think!

It's a Despicable Me Minion Party!

Welcome to our party!

This game ended up being a bigger hit with all the parents! :)

All ready!  The boys eagerly awaited at the window for their friends to show up :)

Snacks for the kiddos - juice boxes, Cheetos and bananas - all references from the movie

Anti-gravity serum (lemonade) in an Erlenmeyer flask, accompanied with test tubes of the serum and mini banana runts for everyone to take home!

I made little Minion candy spoons!  The kids loved these ;-)

Goodies for everyone to take home...

Handmade goodie bags since I couldn't find any pre-made that I liked

Before all the destruction! ;-)

I borrowed Kim's laminator (Thanks Kim!) to make this little Minion Memory game 

Another nod to the movie, the Box of Shame, where the orphan kids have to go when they are in trouble

I figured the Moms would appreciate it as a good photo opp of their kids.  ;-) 

Another reference from the movie, a Carnival scene which the boys L.O.V.E.  - I made this cut out and glued it to foam board as a target for the kids to hit with (a dart gun)

Logan and Aidan taking the first shots on target  :)  

Of course, it wouldn't be a party without a piñata!

A kid and candy bonanza!

I didn't notice until a few days later when I was reviewing these pics, that I had only put 5 candles out on Logan's cake!  WHOOPS.  I guess that's Mama's wishful thinking  ;-)

As you can probably tell, I had a really fun time coming up with all the ideas and then pulling it all together.  :)  I'm stamping this one a success!

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