Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Bed Head

My pics never quite show the depth of craziness that Callum's hair gets, but I tried!! This was Callum's crazy hair (and silly mood) after waking up this morning. :)

For some reason (he was in a fantastic mood yesterday with no signs of illness), Callum spiked a fever in the middle of the night (1:30am - ugh!). So, he and I loaded up the car and headed over to the ER (poor guy threw up halfway there too - tho I think that had more to do with me driving fast down the windy hill than him being sick).

Luckily, his counts were good, so after some Zofran (to calm down his nausea), Tylenol (to cool off his fever) and fluids, they sent us home. We got home around 4:45am, where Callum was surprised that it was still dark outside ;-) and the two of us immediately climbed back into bed to crash.

The rest of the day we were both in a bit of a zombie state - so we mostly just hung out on the couch watching movies. He was up and down with how he was doing - he spiked a couple more fevers, but as soon as the Tylenol kicked in, his spirits would lift again.

Now we just sort of wait and see how he does. I'm going to try and catch a little sleep in case we have a repeat performance tonight....wish us luck!

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