Tuesday, February 6, 2018

A new type of playdate

A week or two ago, Logan decided he wanted to treat two of his buddies to frozen yogurt. There's a shop about half a mile from school, so his idea was that they'd walk to the frozen yogurt shop after school, buy and pay for (on his own) everyone a treat, and hang out until I got there to pick them up. :)

When Callum and I arrived, these kiddos were just lounging at a table outside, totally in the zone, snacking away (on chips) and having a grand old time. I said "hey those chips sure don't look like frozen yogurt" and they said oh yeah, we already had frozen yogurt, but had leftover money so we decided to buy chips (next door at Safeway).

We all hung out for a bit and then headed home - but because they were having such a good time, convinced me to continue the play date at our house for another hour before it was (finally) time to go home. I'm so proud of Logan for such a big kid independent idea! And so glad it was a success. :)

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