Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Trick-or-Treating with friends

Logan headed over to a friend's house to celebrate Halloween on their own - therefore, no "action" pics of him that night.  He had a terrific time - they watched movies, went out trick-or-treating (same neighborhood, so we ran into several friends who would mention they saw him at some point, which was nice to hear/keep tabs on, even if we never saw him ourselves), ate pizza and generally had a good time hanging out. The two friends he spent the evening with are both at private schools now, so Logan especially enjoyed the time to catch up with old friends who he doesn't see as often anymore.

Meanwhile, Callum wanted to go out with a handful of his good buddies, so the five families of ours arranged to meet at one of the houses near all the trick-or-treating action for a quick bite of pizza, before heading out with the boys.  Callum's "fat suit" angry bird proved a bit harder to run around in and keep up with the other kids, but he still had a nice time. Similar to last year though, he called it quits after a brief time out (at first, he was just tired, but then also said he wasn't feeling well), so the three of us headed home earlier than expected.

We decided to just lounge at home on the couch, watching a movie and waiting until it was time to pick Logan up from his buddy's house (the boys didn't have school the following day, so I was fine with them staying up late and enjoying some candy and couch potato time!)  :)

Hope everyone had a Happy - and safe - Halloween!

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