Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The countdown begins!

This week, Logan has taken a new interest in his birthday. His last request was flying dragon (not just dragons, they need to be FLYING dragons!) and Spiderman cupcakes with fire (which I hope he means candles). He's actually getting into arguments with his buddies at school too "No, TODAY is my birthday!" (and then I have to tell him no, it's not...)

So this morning, after he woke up, he asked Jon and I, "Is it my birthday yet?"

Poor guy. :)

And you thought I was talking about the countdown to Christmas! ;-)


Choun Family said...

Hey, don't knock it, Dec.10th is a very special day ; ) (laughing)

Stella Shipman said...

Luke is just as fascinated by birthdays especially his own as well. He's even decided his theme!!!