Thursday, December 23, 2010

Ear Update

Notice how diligently Daddy is watching his son, who is gnawing his way through a spare cable...

Poor Callum. I took him back to Dr. Safir's yesterday as a follow up from last week. Sadly, the antibiotic that we were trying didn't seem to do a bit of good, as both ears are still infected (though his left ear seems to be worse). So, he got a shot of antibiotics this time (to hopefully knock this thing dead), and yet ANOTHER antibiotic/prescription for us to try out.

We go back in on Sunday morning for another recheck. Since we have plans to go up to Tahoe on Monday, I'd like to make sure his ears are in decent shape before we attempt the drive (and change in altitude).

Thankfully, he's tolerating these ear infections really well. Dr. Safir said most kids with infections as bad as Callum's would be in a lot more pain. :(

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