Friday, February 18, 2011

Off running!

I got the walker out the other day and Callum was simply interested in playing with the toys on it.  But, this week, he's been showing more and more interest in walking - cruising around the coffee table and chairs, and pushing benches and stools along the floor to help him walk.

So, today (he had to stay home because he had a couple vomit episodes at school yesterday - great timing since it was the first day I had returned back to work after being deathly ill all week!), I stood him up next to the walker and showed him how he could use it to walk.


Speedy Gonzales fast too!

Jon took a video, but sadly Socialcam can't yet embed videos on other sites.  So, you'll have to actually go to their site to check it out.  I promise you though, it's worth it!  :)

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