Saturday, February 19, 2011

10 months old

Holy Moly Batman, Callum's 10 months old today!!

I didn't do my normal monthly update at his 9 month birthday because well, there were too many ear infections to count, travel for work and travel for play (about a trip I still need to post on), ear surgery, and then more travel and sick sick sick sick

Here we are one month later, we're all still sick and the house is a shambles and we've got circles under our eyes and it's raining outside and all I can think about is more travel that we have to get ready for.  ;-)

So, let's just say Callum was a charming 9 month old, taking off full steam with his crawling and standing at everything arms length and head height and when he could, he'd begin to let go and just balance slowly for a second or two, testing his sea legs all on their own.

But whooo boy now that he's 10 months old - it's a WHOLE NEW BALLGAME folks.

Because he's picked up RUNNING (or speed walking?) literally overnight!  Earlier this week he started using furniture to cruise around and by the end of the week (in a SINGLE day) he became a pro with his little walker and now this morning, he took his first step all on his very own!

Jon had predicted earlier in the week that he'd be taking his first steps by the weekend and I was like, "Oh - aren't you the cute little proud parent who thinks our kid is a genius superstar who excels at everything?"

But seriously, Internet, I think we may just have a genius superstar kid who will excel at everything.

Callum has also really increased his chattiness within the last month.  I have to think the ear tubes are a part of the reason for that, but it could just be the natural timing of his development.  Still, he loves to talk - loves to watch and listen to Logan talk too.  But loves to contribute as well.  He grunts and wiggles and waves his arms dramatically for attention (or food) and will run a string of "dadadadadada"s like nobody's business.

We've been slowly introducing the table foods.  Crackers, cheese (which he LOVES and literally JUMPS for joy when he sees me pull out), soft pastas, peaches, bread of any kind, juice and water.  He's interested in the table foods, but still has trouble mashing them up with his gums and ends up mostly playing with them, with his tongue, before they dribble down his chest and onto the floor for the dogs to slurp up.  He loves his juice, although he's still trying to figure out the sippy cup and whether it's actually meant for drinking liquids, or just gnawing on, out of the side of his mouth. 

While he's extremely social, smiling at everyone who gives him a second, he's also becoming more cautious of strangers these last few weeks.  Just the other night, we had a couple stop by to buy a few of our baby things that Jon had posted on Craigslist and while Callum was VERY interested in these new people, he was also very cautious and concerned and only allowed a teeny tiny smile for them to see.  I remember Logan hitting this stage as well (which is so hard to think of now, as you watch Logan, with this very same stranger couple, DEMAND that they come with him to his toy room and play with him and his trains, pulling on their hands to COME WITH ME, PLEASE?) - it's remarkable how many of the developments that these little guys go through are the same, and yet so different.

Callum continues to amaze us with how quickly he picks up on things and learns - and also at how fast he's growing - day by day.  I struggle keeping up with swapping the dressers out with the old clothes and in with the new.  And honestly think, if he keeps this pace up, he will soon be wearing the same size clothes as Logan and perhaps outgrow him all together!

We are absolutely in love with our little guy and are so very happy he's a part of our little family.  :)  Oh, and, in case you were wondering, Logan is in love with his little brother more than ever too.  Have no fear.


Kimmy said...

I think my offspring will need those Dino pjs in his life. They from a store recently or am I out of luck?

Mama Bree said...

@Kimmy - sadly, those pjs are at least three yrs old, if not older! so, I'm not sure where you'd get them from these days :( if they weren't borrowed/hand me downs, I'd just send them to you!