Monday, January 10, 2011

Another trip to Redmond

But I don't want you to go.  


Riding the airplane is dangerous!

It's conversations like these that make it really difficult to take off for business trips anymore.  Callum doesn't know any better of course, but Logan's starting to realize when we're gone for long periods of time and the guilt just sets in when he clings to our necks and begs us not to go away.

Jon thought it might make Logan feel better if we told him he'd get to ride an airplane and "choo-choo" train to see me, but that kinda backfired, since he woke up this morning asking if we were going on an airplane today Mommy?  Because it's daytime!

So I've had to carefully explain that I'm leaving today - I need him to be a good boy and big brother - helping Daddy and Callum all week.  In FOUR days - one, two, three, four - he will ride an airplane with Daddy and Callum to "come find me".  And then AFTER the airplane, we will all ride a VERY LONG choo-choo train back home together.  We'll ride it during the day AND the night - we'll even sleep on the train!

We will?  That will be the longest choo-choo train I've ever seen!

Yes, buddy, it sure will.

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