Saturday, January 8, 2011

And a partridge in a pear tree

We had an excellent Christmas!  Logan was VERY excited about Christmas this year.  He loved the advent calendar I created (although tracking it for 25 days was much too long for a 3 year old's attention span, even with candies attached).  He loved the Christmas tree and outside house lights.  He called Santa "Christmas" half the time, asking when Christmas was going to get here.  And, although we didn't get a chance to see snow this holiday, he talked about that nonstop as well.  It was definitely holiday time here at our house!

My parents, Zane (and his girlfriend Norma who we met for the first time!) and Kai all joined us on Christmas Eve for a yummy tamales dinner and gift giving (after the kids were both down for bed).  In recent years my parents have done a (really nice) White Elephant gift exchange for Christmas.  This year, there was a theme: kaleidoscopes.  Jon and I scored some really nice ones!  :)  (Sadly, I didn't snap any pictures during our Christmas Eve festivities although I did get a couple of Logan checking out my prized "win" on Christmas morning)

Christmas morning, my parents and brothers came back over to join us for another big meal and of course, presents.  I had told everyone to arrive at 9am but Logan woke up at 7:30 and immediately started asking if he could open his presents.  It was a ridiculously long hour and a half of distraction.  ;-)

Logan and Callum received an absurd amount of gifts!  I think we'll have to pare down our current toy collection in order to make room for all the new stuff that joined us this year.  That said, we all had a grand time - Logan loved his new presents and Callum loved playing with all of (Logan's) new toys.  ;-)

This is for ME?!?
Logan helping Callum open his present
WHOA!!! A rocket ship!!
Mommy's favorite - a wooden "memory" game
The rocket ship was the favorite of all toys, I have to say

The "big kids" got a present too - Santa left an Xbox Kinect with a few games (Dance Central, Sports and Kinectimals) as well.  Logan liked watching everyone play, but had some trouble playing himself, since a lot of the games required reading directions and/or knowing your left and rights very well.  So, it didn't hold his interest as long as I had hoped - but I think he'll enjoy it soon enough.  Daddy had a blast (with Zane and Kai) playing the Sports games while Mommy fell in love with Dance Central.

What did Santa hide back there?


I just love this series of my brothers - they're "running" hurdles btw :)

Logan and Callum gave us gifts too!  Logan made a colorful Christmas tree decoration and Callum ('s teachers) put together a gorgeous frame of pictures and hand print.  I loved them both!!  :)

Check out how BIG Callum's handprint is!  ;-)

In between game playing, we had a yummy feast and visiting.  What a merry Christmas indeed!

The above are just some of my very favorites, to see a number of other snapshots throughout the day, make sure to visit Callum's album.


Kim said...

I concur, that wooden memory game looks awesome!

Elizabeth said...

1. Three comments from me in like ten minutes! I'm catching up on my blog reading, can you tell!!??!?

2. I LOVE pictures of people playing that Kinect thing.