Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Our family alarm clock

These days, most mornings, I'm greeted by a chipper little Logan who climbs into our bed to tell us to wake up (this morning, he actually kissed me on the nose - so cute!), he then climbs down and runs across the hall to throw a few toys into Callum's crib (apparently his version of "good morning" to his little brother?) and then off to his train table to play with his toys, apparently a hard morning's work done.

This morning, in addition to all of that, he made sure to mention to me:

Mom, remember?  Remember when we rode on the very very big choo-choo train?

Yes, I think I remember that.

Remember?  With a blue one [train car] on the back.  It was a really long long long long one! 

I'm marking the trip as a huge success.  ;-)

In other news, Logan has moved up to the next classroom at his school this week!  The class is focused on a bit more academics between play time, but more than that, he's now with his "old" pals again (who had all moved up to the classroom over the past several months, and who he was really starting to miss).  :)

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