Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Words of Encouragement

Callum's teacher wrote on his daily summary sheet yesterday:

Callum had a great day today.  His mood has definitely improved!

I would have to agree!  From the minute he woke up on Friday after his morning nap (post-surgery), his demeanor has definitely changed.  He seems content, calmer and an overall happier baby.  He is MUCH less clingy and totally fine to instead explore and crawl around the house and play on his own.  I have also noticed he doesn't freak out and get upset the minute he bonks his head on something (like slamming it into the table, or falling backwards on the floor when wrestling with Logan, etc.)  Previously, I had thought I just had gotten used to a toughie kid Logan and that Callum was a more "sensitive" kid.  Now, I'm beginning to think that HEY GENIUS, maybe when he bonked his head on something it actually hurt for a reason!  :)

I've been trying to see if his hearing has improved too - it seems to have, although not as much as I had thought it would.  However, there are definitely changes.  He notices sounds and turns his head to listen a lot more than he used to - but what has been more interesting and unexpected (for me anyway), is that he's had the "startle" reflex a lot more!  I've noticed it a couple of times where something dropped on the floor near his side and he jumped from the noise.  Or, the dogs barked nearby when he wasn't paying attention and sure enough, the noise startled him.  I'm taking all of those as positive signs that his hearing loss wasn't permanent (although we won't definitively know until we do a follow up hearing test in a few weeks).

Callum napped really well all weekend throughout the day.  However, he still had a rough time settling down and sleeping Friday and Saturday nights.  I'm still hopeful that his (night time) sleeping will improve, since Sunday and last night seemed better than the first two nights, but it still seems too early to tell.

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