Monday, March 19, 2012

Home sweet home

Got home late tonight but that didn't stop Logan from waiting up for me. The minute I walked into my parent's house, he popped up his head from the guest bedroom and smiled really big - Mommy!

Always a wonderful welcome home with little ones. :)

(My mom accidentally mixed up the boys' pjs tonight which was pretty funny on Logan, so I took a pic to send to Jon)

Jon is staying in New Orleans for a work conference the rest of this week but I came back tonight since I needed to get back to work and more importantly, as I was mentioning in a previous post, it's hard for me to stay away from my kiddos for too long. :)

Had a super duper wonderful time with Jon and really glad we made the trip together. I'm glad to be home with my boys but I also immediately started missing Jon, the minute I waved goodbye to him from the cab earlier today.

I guess that's a good sign that we're still strongly in love. ;-)

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