Monday, August 20, 2012

Couch potato

Today I've been directed to be a couch potato all day. No sitting, standing, driving, bending, twisting, and most importantly, lifting (which my kiddos will never really understand). Just rest, horizontally, as much as possible. If you ask my doc, he'll say don't worry, she's an old pro at this, she knows the routine.

It's true, unfortunately I do.

I was trying to remember how many injections I've now done, since my first big flare up with my back 4 yrs ago... I figured I've probably been in about once a year. I wasn't too far off, since I just noticed on my wrist band, the number of visits now totals 5 (including today).

Today's injections were much easier for me to handle than last time around. Partly because there were only two injections, instead of four, but also because my pain has been less severe and more localized than my last flare up.

I'm still very sore and experiencing some discomfort, but nothing like before, so I consider it a win! I'm planning to lay low this week and take my time getting better, but I'm hoping the recovery will be pretty uneventful and I'll be back to my old normal self once again in a week or two!  :)

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