Sunday, August 5, 2012

Our house is not your canvas

Jon and I have been taking advantage of the kids getting older and playing with each other more, by sleeping in, on the weekends!  It's been glorious and I'm looking forward to even more of these relaxing moments where the kids can keep to themselves.

However, we do have to still keep an eye on them, as evident yesterday morning after we got up and noticed Callum had found a few stray crayons, with which he decided to decorate our living room.  He drew along the floor, the train table, train tracks, and worst of all, the couch!!

I spent a good 30 minutes bent over scrubbing the be-jesus out of everything to get rid of each mark.  Luckily, crayon does remove as long as you put your arm and back into it.

Not so lucky for me, my back has actually been on the fritz for the last couple of months, and the last couple of weeks my poor back has gone off on the deep end (I haven't had much time to talk about it here, but I'm now back to PT twice a week, religiously stretching morning and night, and icing my back as much as possible when not at work).  :(

Anyway, since Callum is still pretty young, it's hard to punish him for something we've found several hours after the fact.  Still, I made him walk into the room with me, pointed to each area he marked up and talked to him very sternly about how it was NOT okay to be drawing "art" all over the floor, tables and couches.  He knew he was in trouble, but probably didn't get the full severity of it.

We had a long night last night since both Callum and I, as well as Jon and Logan, all got home late last night.  On top of that, Logan woke up in the middle of the night with another bloody nose (it happens probably once a week or so), and then couldn't sleep well on his own after that, which kept both Jon and I up pretty much all night.

So, once again, we let our guard down and allowed the two boys to play on their own in their room in the morning, while we caught a few more zzz's.  So, I guess I shouldn't be TOO surprised when later in the morning, while getting ready to leave for a birthday party, I noticed the living room was decorated with the all-too-noticeable hand of Callum.  Apparently we didn't find all the crayons he had used yesterday!!  :(

This time, he was punished and sent to his room - where he bawled his eyes out and two minutes later passed out on his bed.  Hopefully he (and we) will learn eventually....  :)

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