Saturday, September 8, 2012

Multiple birthday celebrations

Last night we had pizza and went to a movie with friends, to celebrate Jon's upcoming birthday (this Monday).

Tonight we had dinner with my brothers and parents, and then met at our house afterwards for cake. Jon turns 35, my brother Kai, whose birthday is also on Monday, turns 30 (the baby!), thus the 3 candles for the three decades each are (now) in.

Logan's keen observation of the night: "Daddy is an old man."


Tomorrow my dad is taking "the boys" (Jon and my brothers) to the Giants vs. Dodgers game to celebrate the two birthdays.

Monday, Jon is playing golf for a charity event during the day, then he and a friend are heading up to Oakland for the Chargers vs. Raiders game.

And finally, on Thursday, Jon and I are catching a super early morning flight to Malta for a few days (our first international trip without the kids - ack!) where we will continue celebrating Jon's birthday.

Talk about stringing along the celebrations! ;-)

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