Sunday, November 17, 2013

Brownie and Bar Exchange Party

I'm headed to a Brownie and Bar Exchange party today. If you haven't
been to one of these, you basically choose your favorite recipe (or a
new one if you're bold like me) ;-) to share with your friends at the
party. You make either half a dozen or a full dozen PER PERSON
attending the party and print outs of the recipe of course.

Then, you exchange! And go home with a variety of goodies that
everyone has made. This party will also have an ornament exchange too!
So I had to get one of those to wrap and bring as well....

All of this is per instruction by the hosts, which they'll send out
roughly a week prior so you know how many people to bake for. In this
case, we have 14 people at half a dozen each. You don't make one for
yourself of course but you DO make an extra batch for everyone to try
out at the party. Because I was doing batches of 2 dozen, that was 8
dozen total I had to bake this weekend! (And 12 dozen total if you
count the batch I did last weekend as my "dry run" to test out the
recipe!). Phew!!!

I also decided to do more than usual work in packaging each half dozen
up and hand writing the recipes. I had fun coming up with the ideas
and putting it all together but dang! It was a lot. I may decide to go
a simpler/easier route next time. :)

It's a TON of work and a TON of sugar that we all could do without.
;-) But, I like going for the social aspect of it, since we all sit
around and catch up on life, families, work, holidays, etc. for a few
hours (and no kids - woohoo!).

Since I have extra, and I'll be coming home with a load more from the
party, I will definitely be sending Jon with a box full of sweets to
work tomorrow. ;-)

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