Thursday, April 23, 2015

A visit from our DC friends!

To further prove we truly live in a small world, I'll share my story of Jill and David.

Jill and I met at Georgetown, where we went to grad school together. She met David (now her husband) while we were in school so I got to know him then too. We graduated and went our separate ways, but stayed in touch. Jill and David remained in DC but of course I returned back to CA (and met Jon soon after I returned). Anytime they came out to CA I'd meet up with them for a lunch or coffee and when I returned to DC (sadly I've only been back once since I graduated!), I stayed and visited with them for a night.

Fast forward many years later where Jon has been successfully moving forward at Twitch and Amazon. David, meanwhile, had worked many years at a private company in DC but moved to Amazon (still in DC) about the same time Jon moved over. Jill and I thought, how neat that our husbands now worked at the same company (but never thought they'd actually run into each other given we are on different coasts and it's such a large company).

But! It's not as large as you think ;-) A big project Jon was working on, brought he and David together just a few months ago. So, our two husbands met and worked side by side, putting in many late nights for several weeks. How funny!

David shared with their kids how he was working on this project for a company called Twitch, which just so happened to be a company that his son (also named David) was a big fan of. :)

Just this past week, Jill and their two kids decided to join David (he's out here for a conference) on the trip. She asked if it would be possible for me to arrange a tour of Twitch for little David, the big fan. Of course I said yes!

I picked up my boys after school and we headed up to the city to meet them at the Twitch office. Jon walked us around - the kids got their fill of free snacks and video games and had a great time. Jill got a fun pic of the kids and Jon (little David in his purple Twitch shirt) which I'll have to share later after she sends it to me. :)

After, we walked with them to the nearby Apple Store before heading home. Jill and I got to catch up on life (as much as you can, anyway, while walking the streets of SF with four hyper kids running around!) which was nice as well. It was so fun to see them, even if our visit was too short. We both agreed we'd need to do another visit sometime very soon! :)

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