Monday, October 12, 2015

Webb Ranch Pumpkin Patch

Yesterday was a pretty jam packed day!!

We first headed up to Webb Ranch to check out their pumpkin patch. We arranged to meet up with another family of friends who live in our neighborhood. They have 2 boys the same age/grade as Logan and Callum. Logan befriended August, their second grader, one morning on the bus to school. Callum and Hugo both play on the same soccer team! :)

What was fun was that once we were there, we ran into several other families that we know - with kids that are school friends of the boys. They loved it of course.

The two older boys ran off with another second grade buddy of theirs, jumping in the bouncy houses and waiting in the dark corners of the haunted house to scare the little ones. So, I don't have any pics of them. ;-)

Callum, Hugo, and Everleigh (another friend we ran into who is in Callum's class) all decided to ride on the train (tractor?) ride, sharing one car amongst the three of them! (Super cute)

After, Callum, Hugo (and the moms) took the hay ride to the nearby corn field where we got to pick some corn to take home! The boys both picked an extra ear for their older brothers. :)

After the pumpkin patch, we headed to their house for a lovely lunch and play date before we split ways.

I hauled the boys off to the theatre where Jon met up with us to see the new movie Pan. The boys loved it but Jon and I were a little bored. Oh well. :)

After the movie, we then took off to ANOTHER friend's house for dinner! Karen and I were great friends in grad school but haven't seen each other in a long time. So we finally decided we should get everyone together (and have the kids meet each other!). Karen and Joe's kids are older but we're still very patient with our demanding little ones ;-) and everyone had a great time.

After stuffing our bellies with some delicious homemade food, we finally climbed into our cars and headed back home late last night. Phew!

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