Thursday, August 4, 2016

An iPad Play date...?!

Logan made a new friend in Theatre Camp last week (and this week), who got Logan hooked on some new iPad game that the boys now love to play. Non. Stop.

As it turns out, Cameron was at the Swim Championships last weekend (he swims on a different team), so the boys were delighted to hang out in between their events. They also BEGGED me to set up a play date, so I tracked down Cameron's mom and quickly got her number so that we could coordinate something this week.

I love that Logan is getting braver, and more comfortable, meeting and making new friends. I also love that Cameron is 2 years older (he's going into the 5th grade!) yet totally hung out with both Logan and Callum today, like it was no big thang.

I also loved overhearing a slightly older kid speak and interact with my boys. It was like getting a tiny glimpse into my future. LOL. At one point, he said to Logan, "It doesn't work like that Bro" which I had to really stifle a chuckle from. It was great hearing this kid tell my (very stubborn and obstinate, at times) kid "no" but in a nicer way.

And the "Bro" was a nice touch at the end.

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