Friday, March 17, 2017

Horseback Riding Lessons

Today was the boys' first horseback riding lessons. Jon and I have wanted to get them a bit of exposure around horses, since both he and I have had a little bit ourselves growing up (if I had the room, I'd own horses myself!!).

Callum was pretty nervous and freaked out anytime Eddie (his horse) would move about. He was able to ride a few steps here and there around the mounting area but wouldn't tolerate much more.

Logan, on the other hand, was terrific! Which was surprising, since he was more afraid and uninterested of the lessons than Callum when I mentioned them. :) But he mounted right away and listened to the trainer carefully. Before we knew it, he was off walking to a nearby arena where they practiced a number of handling lessons (mostly how to steer the horse forward, back, and turns left or right). He had a really great time, and I think because of that, Callum gave it another try toward the end to see if he could last a bit longer (he did, but still bailed out early).

It was so fun to be out there, hanging around the ranch and watching all the horses coming and going. And, of course, watching my boys learn how to ride!! Hopefully they'll want to continue for a few more lessons, at least. :)

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