Saturday, December 30, 2017

A belated Christmas

This morning was our (ultra relaxed and lazy) belated Christmas celebration. :)

We finally got home last night about 2:30am, and I think it was about 3:15-3:30am before Jon and I finally fell asleep. Phew!! The flight was actually great, just really late due to the delays. We were glad to finally be home and sleeping in our own beds again!!

Because of that, we all slept in this morning and then the boys excitedly woke up to open presents. (They had opened up a couple before we left on our trip but the rest of their presents were still waiting under the tree, not to mention a couple of new ones that Santa had left behind while we were in Hawaii! I've attached a few pics the house-sitters sent the boys while we were away as proof!).

Afterward, the boys had their tennis lessons, Jon took Logan to see Star Wars while Callum and I hung out together at home. And tonight they've been playing with their new toys and generally just being lazy bums. A great Saturday and belated Christmas indeed!

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