Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Merry Christmas!

Callum woke up super early this morning and waited FOREVER for his big brother to wake up - who was sleeping in. I finally allowed him to wake Logan up so they could open their Santa (and regular) gifts, since I knew he might explode otherwise! :)

This year I decided to have a non-electronic gift giving Christmas - so all of their gifts are card and board games, crafts or books, etc. They loved everything they got and didn’t appear to miss the electronic theme one bit! Hurray!

The boys got me a very beautiful hand painted dragon ornament, that I absolutely love. After unwrapping, Jon made pancakes and I made crepes, and we all stuffed ourselves silly. Then, we decided to play a new board game that Logan received (called Stuffed Fables) - which we are still in the middle of playing but enjoying the time together! (We took a break mid afternoon to walk the dogs and have an early dinner but will start back up again soon!)

Hope everyone has had a lovely day with family and friends!! 

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