Friday, January 18, 2019

Outdoor Ed

Logan has been away camping in the mountains all week, with his 5th grade class. He got back today, so I treated him to his favorite after school fro-yo treat when I picked him up! We're all so glad he's back!

The first words out of Callum's mouth when I woke him this morning were, "Logan's coming home today!!" :) The poor guy has really missed his buddy.

Joe, the bus driver, confirmed that out of every single kid he's asked on his route, Callum was the *only* one who said he missed his brother this week. Apparently, the rest of the kids mostly just shrugged and/or said "not really" when asked if they missed their sibling this week! LOL

So, when Logan joined me to pick up Callum at the bus stop this afternoon - I kid you not, Callum hugged Logan tightly for a solid two minutes, the minute he stepped off the bus. (Sadly, I didn't have my phone with me to capture such a sweet moment!)

Those two continue to melt our hearts. ❤️

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