Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Butt hurt

Today, I took Callum back to the doctor's because he's still constipated but more than that, his poor butt is still red and sore and the prescription cream we've been using since last week seems to be helping but the raw redness hasn't completely gone away. Unfortunately the doc thinks he now has a bacterial skin infection, on his butt!, which means EXTREMELY painful pooping, peeing, sitting, you name it. Poor guy. :(

We got antibiotics, and instructions to do everything we can to soften his poop (like give him Miralax once a day), as well as give him lots and lots of baths to soak his bottom. Luckily, he LOVES bath time (in fact, he throws a fit when we take him out). Here he is, just after bath time, waiting for Daddy to bring his antibiotic for the night, before he goes to bed. I'm hoping all of this will mean he starts feeling better very very soon.

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