Tuesday, September 27, 2011

17 months old


I didn't even realize Callum had passed another month last week, until I looked up at the calendar this evening.

Where does the time go?

I honestly don't know where to start or how to sum up Callum's last month.  He's 17 months old going on 3, is what he is.  Forget toddler-dom, sometimes I think he skipped that stage and instead blossomed into a little kid overnight.  Certainly, having a big brother willing to show you the ropes of kid-dom, helps. ;-)

While Logan has always been a bit cautious at anything he learns or approaches for the first time, Callum pushes all of that bullshit aside and throws his entire being - head, body and soul - into it.  My parents and I were just discussing this the other night.

Whereas Logan would climb up and down stairs no problem - reaching the top, turning around and then sitting on his butt to scoot down, Callum thinks he can do just as his brother can.

He climbs up the stairs.  Ok fine, no problem.

Then he reaches the top, turns around and steps, sticking one foot out - NO FEAR - to descend.  However, the coordination isn't quite there yet, so his knees and hips fail to BEND with the necessary downward action, and instead his head just pulls his entire body forward as he tumbles straight down a flight of stairs.

And then picks himself up, looks around, and climbs back up the stairs again.

You'd think that after a few falls (down the stairs is just one example.  It could also be off the bed or the couch or a chair) that he'd learn.  Oh no.  My precious little baby has got a thick skull and an extremely short memory.  So, those lessons ain't stickin' just yet.

He has fully transitioned over to his bigger classroom (toddler class) and with that, has passed a few bigger kid milestones.  He now eats lunch in a toddler chair at a table with the other kids, continues practicing with his own utensils and has now started drinking out of a dixie cup (instead of a sippy cup).  He has (for the most part) moved to one nap a day, although most of the time he'll still take two when he's home with us.

He's also MUCH more physical - he's mastered jumping and breaks out into full-on runs down the hallway or, unfortunately, straight for the street.  We have to be on our toes much more with this little guy and constantly remind him why running into the street is very dangerous and not allowed.  :/

Along with the coordination of running and jumping has come the coordination of pushing - namely, pushing his big brother whenever he wants to play or rough house back.  It's been a delicate balance that we are still trying to learn, on when to yell at the boys to cut it out (Callum, you can't hit your brother.  Logan, you're squeezing your brother too tight.) versus when to just let them work it out on their own.

Callum has become quite a bit more vocal this last month - still mostly babbling, but forming (and actively practicing) many more words by the day.  He's finally at the point where I can understand when he's asking for "help", or when he wants "more" of something, like his "juice".  He's also learning "please" (yay!) and "mine" (ugh).  With Logan, I couldn't WAIT until he was able to hold a conversation.  And, I do look forward to that with Callum.  But, knowing what I have in store for me, these next few years, I'm simply enjoying the innocent nonsensical babbles that come out of his mouth today.  ;-)

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