Saturday, September 3, 2011

Feeling better

Callum actually got much worse last night before getting better, his fever reaching 105.5!  I gave him a cold bath which was horrible - he shrieked and screamed the entire time. :(  But it DID bring his fever down to about 104.  I was able to successfully get it down to about 101 by bedtime (amazing the difference, while still a fever, he was actually jumping and dancing once it got down that low, likely because he felt so much better than just an hour before).  My dad stopped by with Gatorade and moral support as well, which was actually really nice for the rest of the evening.

Callum's temp did soar back up to 104-105 in the middle of the night however. So I spent another 30 minutes or so rocking him and changing out cold wet cloths on his belly and back, to get the temp down again (which he also hated).

He (and I) were exhausted, so once it got down to about 102, he fell back asleep. His temp was still about 102-103 in the morning but I've been monitoring him constantly throughout the day, doing my best to keep him cool and ensuring he takes in plenty of fluids. After his mid-day nap he was noticeably better, and his temp was at a low 100 degrees!

His temp hasn't spiked again since, so I'm hopeful we've been through the worst of it. :)  We'll see how the rest of the evening and night fare.

Wish us luck !  :)

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