Friday, September 2, 2011

Endless nightmare of doctor visits

I took Callum in to see Dr. Safir this afternoon. Not for his 102 fever/cold, but because he is STILL screaming and crying in pain every time he poops and it kills me. :(

So, Dr. Safir referred us to a pediatric gastrointestinal specialist. Since the guy was right upstairs, I decided to try my luck and walk in. They had room for us in 30 minutes so I said what the heck and Callum and I waited.

It was a looooong 30 minutes. :( But, we finally saw the doctor. Because Callum was so miserable from waiting (and fighting a fever) the doc didn't want to do a scope or anything. Instead he took a culture and sent me across the street to drop it off at the lab and wait for results (and further instructions) next week.

So, another 30 minutes of excruciating waiting (to DROP OFF a swab!) we finally finished our rounds and headed home. Whew!

We also have a few instructions to help Callum out once he's fought off this cold but, one thing at a time for now. ;-)

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