Saturday, July 14, 2012


We just got home from a few hours of great fun with Logan's friends Isaac and Julia! Isaac and Logan were super best buds at school, but about a month ago, Isaac left to start summer camp and get ready for kindergarten this fall. Julia is still at Logan's school (and also a good friend of Logan's) so we still see her and her mom occasionally, but the boys have missed each other.

The boys had constantly begged us moms to get together at each others' house, so we finally arranged the play date today and met up at a park first, to let all the kids run around, and then chow down on pizza afterward. All four kids (Callum was with us too) had a blast. :)

I haven't really done play dates with school friends at all, so it was interesting for me to get to know another parent, outside of our close circle of friends, in depth (more than the usual chit chat at school during pick up, I mean).  And, it was nice to meet another family who seem as laid back and down to earth (if not more!) as us - so I think we'll probably get together again sometime soon, which will be nice. :)

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