Tuesday, October 9, 2012

So that just happened

The box cover says:

"Works in minutes
Gentle, safe relief
Convenient, no-mess..."

I took Callum to his gastroenterologist this morning for an urgent visit because he hasn't pooped in a number of days, has been pretty cranky, and seemed to be in a lot of pain this morning. :(  Jon also reminded me that he just started antibiotics for his ear infection about the same time we've noticed his mood swings upping a notch and thought that might be stopping him up.

So, our instructions today were to give him a double dose of his normal laxative, but if we didn't see any improvement, we'd need to do an enema. :(  I was dreading this more than anything but without any change all day, we decided to "help" poor Callum out tonight before bedtime.

While I thought the enema itself would be the traumatic part of tonight's events, it actually wasn't at all. I don't even know if he noticed it to be honest! (technology these days, the suppository was all ready to go with a small dose and applicator, just for young kids, making it super easy for me).

What was much more traumatic was the following 10-15 minutes while our poor guy twisted and screamed in pain. Jon was awesome and just held him and rocked him the entire time until he finally passed, what we're hoping, was the blockage causing so much pain.

I waited another hour or so, lounging on the bed with Callum, to make sure he didn't have anything else after that. He was in MUCH better spirits, as you can see from his gorgeous smile here, which made me feel so much better too, like we did the right thing.

And, seeing how quickly he recovered and felt instant relief, if I had to do it again, I would in a heartbeat.

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