Saturday, January 12, 2013

Happy birthday Isaac!

Logan's friend Isaac turned 6 last month but they waited until today
(post-holiday madness) to celebrate with friends. The party was at a
very serious gym (training older kids competitively), and I really
liked how they ran thru the exercises for the party. If it weren't so
far away, I'd consider putting the boys in a class or two!

It was our first experience of a "drop off party" where Isaac's mom
said I could leave Logan and come back in a couple of hours if I
wanted. Logan was actually a little shy and nervous when we first got
there because there were some kids he didn't know (Isaac started
kindergarten this year so he's no longer at the same school as Logan),
so I decided I'd better stick around. I don't think he's yet at the
age for me to just drop off, feels a little weird, but other parents
seemed to feel the same so I wasn't the only over protective parent
sticking around. ;-)

No surprise, Logan warmed up to the other kids pretty quickly and
ended up having a great time - even commenting to me afterward how fun
the party was. :)

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