Sunday, January 20, 2013

Potty Training

Potty training has been going well these last few weeks. Callum
generally has a dry diaper and pees/poops in the toilet at school.
He's a little less consistent with us at home, but it's more because
the teachers are diligent about checking his diaper and putting him on
the toilet frequently and we generally forget to ask until it's too
late. ;-)

That said, he's not bad at home and usually tells us when he wants to
go on the potty, which we totally encourage (even at bedtime when he's

The teachers have asked us to bring pull ups to school and/or move him
to underwear because he's been so consistent and because he tries to
pull down his own pants/diaper himself. The only reason I haven't done
this yet is because I still have a ton of diapers I don't want to
waste! :)

All that said, today Callum proactively asked me if he could wear
underwear and said he did not want to wear a diaper. Not eager to
clean up after a bunch of accidents, but also not going to discourage
the little guy, I pulled out a handful of underwear for him to choose
from, which he was DEEE-LIGHTED about.

We talked awhile about how he needed to let me know when he needs to
pee on the potty since otherwise his underwear would get wet (he hates
a wet diaper so I knew wet underwear would freak him out). He listened
but I don't know how much he understands the implications.

And, he's now had one small accident which he didn't like at all but
when I offered either another pair of underwear or a diaper, he still
wanted to stick with the underwear.

So, maybe it'll just take a few misses before it sticks! We'll see....

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