Sunday, January 27, 2013


I don't often post meltdown/crying pics, because usually I'm too busy
consoling my kids to take a picture. But this morning was just too
much (and I couldn't resist - ha!). I now have a whole series of this
and frankly, I should've added audio/video just to share with you how
pathetic (and loud) Callum was here.

Anyway, I got a little jar of jelly beans from Amanda's baby shower
yesterday which I brought home for the boys to enjoy. Since they don't
normally eat jelly beans (it's not something I keep in the house!) the
newness and uniqueness of this treat was really special.

Which means, the jar has now been promoted to Callum's "great job!"
treats as he's potty training this week. But, having the sweet tooth
that he does (like his father!), he isn't satisfied with just one or
two that mean ol' mom gives him as a reward.

No, he wants the entire jar....

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