Friday, May 3, 2013

I survived!

I almost forgot to post my last jar of "juice" (tea) to close out my
3-day juice cleanse!

So, I did okay!

I actually cheated a bit both yesterday and today. Not much, but had a
few almonds with my lunch (soup) and half an apple last night over

I'm feeling good overall. Interestingly, I haven't taken any pain meds
for my back this last week and was afraid I might need to (I
specifically didn't, given how little calories I was taking in). I
wasn't (and am not) 100% pain free but there were moments where my
back felt ok which made me feel good. I can't really say it's the
juice cleanse that helped, since I've been nursing my back, stretching
and walking more these past few weeks, but it didn't seem to hurt my
back either.

I did notice that when I'd wait too long for my next drink (I couldn't
follow the schedule exactly because, well, life - or work - gets in
the way), I'd get REALLY light-headed and very tired and hungry. So,
I'd then drink the scheduled juice and feel lots better.

I'm also probably more tired than usual. Jon thought the whole idea
was crazy since I have a tendency to drop really low when I don't eat
frequently (low blood sugar), so I'm guessing my sleepiness is
probably due to that. But I haven't been as sluggish or low energy as
I thought I would be...

My friend Jenn asked me today if I thought it was worth it. Hard to
say. It hasn't been easy, that's for sure. I miss eating! :)

But, my goal was to sort of force myself to kick start into a
healthier gear, because I've been in a rut lately. I was surprised
that of all things I'd choose to "cheat" with, I picked an apple to
eat last night. Last week, I would've snacked on crap. So, from that
regard, it's been worth it.

The bigger question is, will I do the same next week, next month, etc?
I hope so. :)

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