Saturday, May 4, 2013

Callumism of the morning

"Tiny poo-poos aren't spicy. Big poo-poos are spicy!"

While potty training has helped Callum poop more regularly, he's still
getting constipated and having problems every now and then.

Last weekend, we think he had a case of hemorrhoids, poor guy, so
we're being extra vigilant right now about having him sit on the
toilet after breakfast each morning to try and poop (doctor's orders).

The hope is this will create a habit where his body eventually
recognizes it needs to poop after eating. So, he's now understanding
that pooping a little everyday is better than holding it in and having
one huge poop (that generally hurts, or burns, or feels "spicy") ;)
once in a long while.

I hope it works!

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