Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Swim Team Practice

The boys finished Day 3 of their Swim Team practice today. Every afternoon they are totally beat from the extra exercise and sun they're getting - but every day I've checked in on how they're doing and if they're enjoying it, and they say they are! So we shall see how it goes.

Logan was a bit more intimidated by practice today - he was overwhelmed by the number of kids and the back to back drills the coaches were yelling out (most of which he didn't know so he felt like he was behind the curve ball). We talked a long time tonight about some strategies he could use the rest of this week to help cope with the chaos of it all. Since I've done a lot of swim team stuff in my youth, I tried to give him several pointers and talk him through it which he seemed to like. He also seemed more at ease hearing I've been through it all too and knew what it felt like :)

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