Saturday, November 5, 2016

We Bleed Purple

Callum had an unfortunate accident this afternoon. He fell on our tile floor (out of a dining room chair, so nothing incredible here) and the chair toppled on top of him. He was screaming in excruciating pain - I thought jeez kid, settle down, you'll be fine. But the minute I saw his wrist, I knew we had to take him in. :(

He screamed the entire ride to the ER, and for quite awhile in the waiting room until they finally found a nurse to usher us back to the pediatric unit. It was pretty awful, and I know we were getting crazy stares from people, but I had to just block that out and focus on getting Callum to breathe and try, as best he could, to relax. It felt impossible. I'm sure he felt that way too. :(

They took a few X-rays to confirm it was broken (we all knew but more than that, the X-rays would tell how they needed to treat him). And then we got an IV in (which was brutal leading up to it since he was so damn anxious, but the actual poke ended up being great and he didn't feel a thing). Once the IV was in, they gave him some morphine and versed, to calm him down.

Then, they gave him a "conscious sedation" while the orthopedist reset his bone. It was pretty wild to watch! (Not for the faint of heart) Poor Callum moaned here and there throughout but they assured me he couldn't feel nor would remember it. :/

They took several X-rays during the procedure to make sure the bones were aligned, and then wrapped the splint up tight. After his arm was splinted, radiology came back in to do more X-rays.

Meanwhile he started stirring about 30 minutes after. He was still really upset when he woke up. He said his "eyes weren't normal", which I figured out he was seeing blurry. I told him to close his eyes for a bit and then he'd be ok. He was also famished - we never had lunch before this all happened, poor guy had been complaining he was hungry at home but I just hadn't made him anything yet. :( Once we got to the ER, he wasn't allowed to eat anything since he was going to have a procedure. I felt so bad about that.

So while he was still sleeping, I snuck out to the cafe and grabbed him a smoothie and some snacks. Once he woke up, I offered him the smoothie and he gladly gulped it down, finally much happier. :)

We had to wait another 3 hours after his procedure was done. :( That's the bad news about sitting in an ER. Meanwhile, the longer he was awake, the more his arm starting hurting again. I suspect being sore from the reset and manipulation they had to do since that looked ridiculously painful. :( So, I convinced the dr's to give him some more morphine to help with the pain while we waited. They gave him some zofran as well, since he was getting nauseous poor guy.

Overall, the whole event really rattled him. And he was frazzled. He fell asleep on the way home but woke up when we brought him inside, so we set him up on the couch to watch some tv with Logan (which he really enjoyed).

Hopefully he'll sleep ok tonight so his body can rest up. They told me to expect him to be in more pain/sore tomorrow, before he starts feeling better. :(

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