Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Last week of summer camp!

This is the boys' last week of summer camp!

They're at an art camp all week - Logan is loving it! Callum has taken some time to warm up to it (he had a rough start on Monday morning), but seems to be liking it ok now. He prefers the clay modeling/sculpture projects more than the sketching and drawing. :)

The first half of the day is focused on an Animé/Cartooning theme while the second half of the day is focused on a Star Wars theme. Thus, some of the Pokémon and Star Wars characters you see in their sketches here. :) They're both doing fabulous work and we are enjoying everything that they're telling us and bringing home to share each day!

(These sketches aren't copied or traced! I think they are given some pictures as reference to take direction from but otherwise need to draw them on their own)

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