Saturday, September 2, 2017


Yesterday it hit 110* here, which is just crazy!! And today was more of the same.

The boys had a swim lesson around 11am and ended up playing in the pool for another 1-2 hours after their lesson. I fixed them a late lunch and they played (nicely!) inside the house, which thankfully, I've been able to keep pretty cool (our A/C isn't the most efficient of systems but at least we do have a little cool air!).

Later in the afternoon, some new neighbors/friends of the boys, texted to see if they'd want to come over and play. We headed over and they HAD A BLAST running and jumping and sliding on the trampoline, while us moms sprayed them with water (what you can't see is how absolutely soaked they are yet shrieking with excitement). :)

After an hour of playing in the heat and jumping like crazy, everyone then went to our house so they could all play in the pool. The neighbor kids were in 7th heaven since they don't have a pool and the boys loved having friends over. They made up all sorts of fun and silly pool games for about an hour or so, before we decided to call it an evening.

I wasn't in the mood to cook so the boys and I had cereal for dinner :) watched a little tv and then they went straight to bed without a single complaint! In fact, the only thing Logan asked me was if they could stay inside all day tomorrow, since he thought he had burned his feet! LOL (I'm guessing they got a little raw from all the trampoline jumping but we shall see tomorrow) :)

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