Saturday, September 16, 2017

Skrimsli of Iceland

We got home last night and this little guy buried his face into my stomach, hugged me tight, and said "I never want to let go Mama".

Me too, bud. Meeeee too. ❤️❤️❤️


He's holding his new little stuffy toy we got him (and Logan) from Iceland. We also got them a book which tells the story of these little monsters, but the short version (from the tag on this little guy) is this:

In the old days, when the people of Iceland still lived in turf houses with only oil lamps to light their homes, they often saw all kinds of strange creatures taking shape from the shadows of the flickering light. It is here where the life of the Skrimslis began. Iceland's nature, which is full of dynamic energy, gave them special powers. They loved their life and the people they lived with for generations, but as Iceland evolved, all homes were furnished with electricity which was too bright for the Skrimslis. To survive, they needed to flee the overbearing and luminous electric lighting. With sheer perseverance, they all moved to the lava fields, living in caves in a land they now call Lavaland, which is surrounded by the beautiful nature of Iceland. Instead of having to rummage through the garbage for food, they can now eat blueberries, pines, and other gourmet delicacies nature provides. The trolls in Iceland protect the Skrimslis from the dangers looming around them, and the elves are their special friends who know all of their secrets. If you ever meet a Skrimsli out in the lava fields, be sure to greet it. By greeting a Skrimsli, it will bestow on you a special sign of good luck and prosperity that will follow you in years to come.

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